Liposuction is not intended as a weight loss surgery. Rather, it is intended to eliminate fat that will not respond to diet and exercise.

Liposuction candidates should be of a healthy body weight and have good muscle tone and skin elasticity. During the consultation our doctor conducts an examination and discuss patient’s candidacy and expectations for this procedure. If the patient meets the candidacy requirements, she will work with you to develop a liposuction treatment that can help you look and feel your very best.

Liposuction treatment in Mumbai is a simple way to rejuvenate entire figure. Patients who undergo liposuction can enjoy dramatically shaped body structure.

At Krasa to ensure a minimally invasive procedure with the best results we offer the most effective liposuction techniques, all suitable for both men and women. These include:

1. Traditional liposuction: Which is where a local anesthesia is used to numb the area of patient’s body where the tube will be inserted. Next, a large amount of an anesthetic solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the fatty tissue before the procedure is started.

2. Micro Liposuction: This is where traditional liposuction is used to remove small pockets of fat, but under general anesthesia instead. This is a quick and effective method to ensure the patient has very little downtime and is back to normal as soon as possible. Good areas include the chin, underarms and jawline.

3. Laser-Assisted Liposuction: This technique works by liquefying fat with a laser and removing the fat with cannula. In addition to liquefying fat, the laser also smooths and tightens the skin and seals blood vessels, reducing swelling, bleeding, and bruising

The results of liposuction typically come in stages and varies individual to individual. You’ll likely see some results immediately after surgery but swelling and bruising are normal and can take weeks to resolve. Some remaining swelling can persist for several months. Most people see good results from 6 weeks to 8 weeks but final results 6 – 12 months after surgery.

The patients can usually commence normal daily activities and exercise as soon as they are comfortable, but in general the only restriction they have is to wait until the stitches are removed 7-10 days post-surgery. Sometimes when large amounts of fat are removed patients are somewhat anemic and need to take over the counter medicine prescribed by the doctor.

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