Dandruff and Scalp

Dandruff occurs when scalp sheds dead skin cells, and while a small amount of flaking is considered normal, excessive dandruff is a problematic condition.

When the flaking is highly noticeable, chronic and accompanied by redness, irritation, or an itchy scalp, this is considered excessive dandruff condition.

You may also experience a dry and itchy scalp, and a possible rash around the hairline and ears. Those with serious cases may also experience skin irritation and a rash on the face.

In most cases, dandruff can be easily treated and kept under control with specialized shampoos, and in more severe cases medicated creams/lotions may be required. In other cases, after careful examination and necessary tests at Krasa skin and hair clinic in Bandra, our doctor will advise you regarding advance treatments /medications or combination of both that’s appropriate for your condition.

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