Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a procedure that enhances the facial contour by giving more definition to cheekbones and restoring youthful volume to skin that may have contracted due to age, heredity, sun damage or other factors.

Cheek Augmentation treatment in Mumbai may involve a variety of techniques, including fat transfer, injectable fillers or cheek implants. Fat transfer and dermal fillers are non-invasive procedures administered by injection, while cheek implants are inserted during a surgical procedure. In consultation with our doctor, the patients have the option of choosing which procedure is optimal to bring the desired evenness and shapeliness to their face.

During consultation, patient’s facial structure is evaluated and his cosmetic goals are taken into consideration. This allows to determine the most appropriate technique.

In the procedure of cheek implant surgery, a synthetic material is implanted under the hypodermal tissue and onto the cheek bone. This cheek augmentation surgery treatment in Mumbai involves various types of facial implants. Each made of different elements with solid silicone which is most commonly used. Our doctor chooses the implant depending on what ideally suits the patient. Not only in types but cheek implants also vary in shapes.

These are available in different sizes including:

Malar: Applied directly on cheek bone for a greater facial outline.

Sub-Malar: Used to correct sunken cheek appearances by enhancing middle area of the face.

Combined: Combination of both, covers both mid-face and cheekbone areas.

Cheek augmentation surgery uses general anaesthesia and takes about one to two hours to fully complete while recovery time normally takes about ten days.

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